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... but now I know that there's a link between the two;

being close to craziness and being close to you...  


Dates 2018


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I remember our first trainings. I was so enthusiastic about it, I used to drive like 1 hour away so that we could run a little and play. Not Ben, he thought agility was really not fun and preferred to stay aside and wonder what the hell am I doing there among the obsta...


I needed a long time and a lot of courage to finally write this post. Almost a year. First, because it is just too painful and it breaks my heart every time I try to remember all of it and write it on paper. Second, because I was afraid this post will not be understood...


I'll try to keep my word this time and update this page more regularly. Summer is long over and there are so many things going on right now, so just a short summary of it. It's still hard for me to remember this summer, it was a hard time for me and all of us, but I wi...


Two videos, one from training, the other is from this weekend's competition. 

The courses were kind of harder from what we're used to, also the weather was not in our favor, it was so freaking hot. Plus I had to run three dogs with very little time in between them to ta...


Happy birthday sunshine <3 I still remember the days when I got you. You use to walk around the house right behind me and cry in front of the door whenever I closed the bathroom door or the kitchen door for 30 seconds. And you were such a focused puppy in puppy school...


MikMik and Roo both had their debut in A3 on their first qualifications for AWC in Vigo. There are 4 qualification rounds in Spain, 4 weekends, usually one weekend per month. The last ones took place in March. I didn't have any high hopes for them, they are only 2 year...


Some pictures from Alicante, we went there for an agility competition and by the way escaped to the beach every day a little to run the dogs. We had a special visit this time, a friend from France and a photographer Valerie Teppe. All pictures are her work. 

 And some m...


Just a video of our running contacts training. It's been a lot of work to get this understanding, and we still don't have the same success on competitions, but I think it's just a matter of time and experience :) 


Time to say goodbye to 2017. We started 2018 with a trip to Slovenia. It was a sudden decision, but I really missed my family and friends. So I drove 2400km alone with 3 dogs, in a car, with some stops on the way. First stop was in Barcelona, visiting some friends and...


Just a video of our last competition. MikMik was super cool, running fast and confident, super contacts, super weaves, super speed as perfect as she likes to be :) I was so sad when I heard her agility was not filmed, it was one of her best runs ever :'( Roo was probab...

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Agility Foundations & Handling Seminars

In January 2018 I am starting with new groups for agility foundations, motivation and speed and I am also starting with handling seminars, but only for teams with good foundations. 

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What can you learn from us? 

Good agility foundations

Speed, motivation and bonding

Smooth and efficient handling

Tricks and the benefits of clicker training

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